Sunday, 13 July 2014

CHANEL VITALUMIÈRE Satin Smoothing Fluid Makeup SPF 15

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Trip down to Selfridges in London always means taking a quick stop by Chanel... Guilty pleasure <3
Couple of months back, I purchased the  CHANEL VITALUMIÈRE Satin Smoothing Fluid Makeup SPF 15 and today I will be doing a little review for you!
I got recommended this foundation as it is apparently Chanel's best selling foundation.  

 One of Chanel's greatest treasures is their packagings and how they present their products.
This foundation has never (and will never) be chucked in my make-up bag as I really could not stand its Chic and prestigious packaging to be destroyed.
The one thing that does disappoints me is that the foundation seems to leak a tiny bit out of the edges. It really is not anything dramatic like POURING out there is just sometimes thin trails of foundation on the sides.
Lastly, this foundation is in form of a pump and this could be a bad thing or a good thing depending on how you like your foundation to come out.  Personally, I like the pump because I think it is a really easy way and it doesn't get messy and become a big hassle. However some people may not like this because the foundation is fluid (Hence the name) and when you pump, it comes out really quickly and you don't have control over the quantity.

The look:
The one thing I love about this foundation is the radiant look it gives. This really helps to give that glow
look on you face which makes your skin seem ten times healthier than it really is! 
As it is a liquid foundation it glides on nicely on your face and blends easily so if you are someone like me who really doesn't enjoy sitting there, trying to blend your foundation for 10 minutes then this will be your saviour.

It does not give instant coverage therefore you need to add layers to get the appropriate coverage for your skin. Now, this can be annoying but looking on the bright side, it feels really light on your skin.
I remember once I put 'an over-dosage' of layers and thought "I love how it doesn't feel heavy on my face".
I do tend to put on my 'Rimmel London stay matte long lasting pressed powder' just because I want the foundation to last on my face longer as liquid foundations tends to come off quickly.

The bottle of foundation it self seems to last for a very long time. I do not wear foundation too often but I bought this a while back and considering my mum sometimes uses it as well, it is not even half way of finishing, so for this reason and all the others I think it is definitely worth the price.

Links to where you can buy this foundation will be below, but thank you for reading this post, hope it was somewhat useful and comment down below if you have used this foundation and what you think of it...
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Friday, 4 July 2014


I just love how the Porefessional by Benefit feels and does on the skin. It's very silky and glides on the skin easily. The job of this product is to cover and minimize the appearance of pores and it sure does!
It is extremely annoying when you buy a good foundation but your pores manage to always peak through but once you apply porefessional it builds a layer beneath the foundation to make your pores look unnoticeable. This is one way to get that flawless foundation look.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper

I needed something to control my eyebrows and this is what I got recommended.
 It is a Cream-gel Formula that I purchased In 'clear' and 'Rich brown'. The clear one is for myself as I have extremely dark full eyebrows so I did not need one with colour to fill my eyebrows in but I bought my mum 'rich brown' as her eyebrows are a light brown and she prefers some colour.

As the picture shows the brushes are small and this is a really good feature as it allows for better definition and more control but the gel can get a bit gloopy at the tip of the brush.
The biggest advantage of this product is that it holds your eyebrows in place for a very long period of time however towards the end of the day you visually see the gel dried up on your brows. It's not extremely noticeable but if someone is close up, they would see.
Especially because I have thick eyebrows, they clump together after many hours on.

That was a quick review, hope it was somewhat useful.
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Sunday, 29 June 2014


Rimmel London Rita Ora collection

The Body shop Shea sugar body scrub

My must have.
I may of fallen in love with this magical creation when I bought the smaller pot of this body scrub during a sale season in The Body Shop.
My need for this began when I watching Miranda Kerr interview (about her Kora line) and she was wearing a beautiful vest top which emphasised her elegant arms. They looked so smooth and 'taken cared of' and it really got me inspired to take care of body parts I had not even cared about before such as my arms.
I know... what a change. A glance at Miranda Kerr's arms in an interview got me digging for something for my own pair of arms.

The Body shop is where I enjoy shopping and letting my purse go empty so off I went to the nearest Body Shop to find a Body scrub.
There is a variety of Body scrubs and I will put a link HERE for you to check them out online.
They all smell really good and yummy but I cannot say which one smells better than which, or which ones smells really bad because everybody will have a different opinion as it just depends on how you would like to smell after a scrub. Also, different body scrubs may vary in texture. Some may be rougher than others so if you have sensitive skin which will be irritated you should buy a scrub which feels more delicate (softer).

I spent about an hour just in front the body scrub section smelling each and every single pot so don't be ashamed to take your time.
As I said earlier, I had actually tried a smaller pot of  'Shea sugar' and loved it! I am not sure if they still sell the smaller sizes, but if they do, I recommend you buy the small size like I did first round and then buy the 200ml (bigger size) if you like it.

SO.. here is my Review of this product:

Lets start of with the smell. It has a very warm deep nutty smell and I personally love nutty scents  for example COCONUT BODY BUTTER. The smell really sticks onto your skin and I find that if your scrub for longer the smell stays on for a longer period of time.

As I mentioned before, some scrubs can feel really harsh on your skin, but this one is very soft and moisturising as it is oil-based  which contributes to leaving your skin feeling extremely smooth.
Also as the picture shows, it contains large salt grains which really helps to exfoliate .

Hope you liked this post and feel
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If you have tried this scrub, comment below and tell me what think of it, I would love to read it!