Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Body shop Shea sugar body scrub

My must have.
I may of fallen in love with this magical creation when I bought the smaller pot of this body scrub during a sale season in The Body Shop.
My need for this began when I watching Miranda Kerr interview (about her Kora line) and she was wearing a beautiful vest top which emphasised her elegant arms. They looked so smooth and 'taken cared of' and it really got me inspired to take care of body parts I had not even cared about before such as my arms.
I know... what a change. A glance at Miranda Kerr's arms in an interview got me digging for something for my own pair of arms.

The Body shop is where I enjoy shopping and letting my purse go empty so off I went to the nearest Body Shop to find a Body scrub.
There is a variety of Body scrubs and I will put a link HERE for you to check them out online.
They all smell really good and yummy but I cannot say which one smells better than which, or which ones smells really bad because everybody will have a different opinion as it just depends on how you would like to smell after a scrub. Also, different body scrubs may vary in texture. Some may be rougher than others so if you have sensitive skin which will be irritated you should buy a scrub which feels more delicate (softer).

I spent about an hour just in front the body scrub section smelling each and every single pot so don't be ashamed to take your time.
As I said earlier, I had actually tried a smaller pot of  'Shea sugar' and loved it! I am not sure if they still sell the smaller sizes, but if they do, I recommend you buy the small size like I did first round and then buy the 200ml (bigger size) if you like it.

SO.. here is my Review of this product:

Lets start of with the smell. It has a very warm deep nutty smell and I personally love nutty scents  for example COCONUT BODY BUTTER. The smell really sticks onto your skin and I find that if your scrub for longer the smell stays on for a longer period of time.

As I mentioned before, some scrubs can feel really harsh on your skin, but this one is very soft and moisturising as it is oil-based  which contributes to leaving your skin feeling extremely smooth.
Also as the picture shows, it contains large salt grains which really helps to exfoliate .

Hope you liked this post and feel
free to comment a request!
If you have tried this scrub, comment below and tell me what think of it, I would love to read it!


  1. This sounds incredible! I think I'd love the smell of this as well. :)

  2. I love the body shop, i'm using one of their scrubs atm, I think it's orange, or maybe mango... anyway it's lovely!