Sunday, 13 July 2014

CHANEL VITALUMIÈRE Satin Smoothing Fluid Makeup SPF 15

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Trip down to Selfridges in London always means taking a quick stop by Chanel... Guilty pleasure <3
Couple of months back, I purchased the  CHANEL VITALUMIÈRE Satin Smoothing Fluid Makeup SPF 15 and today I will be doing a little review for you!
I got recommended this foundation as it is apparently Chanel's best selling foundation.  

 One of Chanel's greatest treasures is their packagings and how they present their products.
This foundation has never (and will never) be chucked in my make-up bag as I really could not stand its Chic and prestigious packaging to be destroyed.
The one thing that does disappoints me is that the foundation seems to leak a tiny bit out of the edges. It really is not anything dramatic like POURING out there is just sometimes thin trails of foundation on the sides.
Lastly, this foundation is in form of a pump and this could be a bad thing or a good thing depending on how you like your foundation to come out.  Personally, I like the pump because I think it is a really easy way and it doesn't get messy and become a big hassle. However some people may not like this because the foundation is fluid (Hence the name) and when you pump, it comes out really quickly and you don't have control over the quantity.

The look:
The one thing I love about this foundation is the radiant look it gives. This really helps to give that glow
look on you face which makes your skin seem ten times healthier than it really is! 
As it is a liquid foundation it glides on nicely on your face and blends easily so if you are someone like me who really doesn't enjoy sitting there, trying to blend your foundation for 10 minutes then this will be your saviour.

It does not give instant coverage therefore you need to add layers to get the appropriate coverage for your skin. Now, this can be annoying but looking on the bright side, it feels really light on your skin.
I remember once I put 'an over-dosage' of layers and thought "I love how it doesn't feel heavy on my face".
I do tend to put on my 'Rimmel London stay matte long lasting pressed powder' just because I want the foundation to last on my face longer as liquid foundations tends to come off quickly.

The bottle of foundation it self seems to last for a very long time. I do not wear foundation too often but I bought this a while back and considering my mum sometimes uses it as well, it is not even half way of finishing, so for this reason and all the others I think it is definitely worth the price.

Links to where you can buy this foundation will be below, but thank you for reading this post, hope it was somewhat useful and comment down below if you have used this foundation and what you think of it...
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  1. I have tried a few high-end foundations in the past and I love how they are all so lightweight. You are 100% correct though that they do not often get the coverage that the drug store foundations give.
    Lovely post!

    Rachael at

    1. thank you :)
      I much prefer light foundation

  2. I've wanted to try this for so long! Apparently Bourjois is owned by the same company and their healthy mix has been compared to it!

    Rachael from xx

    1. I also sometimes use the Bourjois Healthy mix, and honestly it's also amazing

  3. I am a sucker for packaging, and the packaging on that is so cute! I have the aqua one, and I love it for good skin days, it's going to be amazing for the winter though!

    Krissy |

  4. great review! everything chanel makes is so luxurious. i' love lightweight foundations, so this sounds like a winner.


  5. Great review! I prefer Dior makeup to Chanel, but Chanel's quality is obviously great as well.

  6. I definitely love the packaging... Such a beauty! Thanks for the review xx

  7. I really like your blog so had to nominate you for the Liebster Award. Hope you want to participate, it's a great deal of fun :)

  8. Looks great! Can't wait to see your next post


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